Field Notes

#2- Visit a Professor in Office Hours

In my Statistics for Life Sciences class we started to use a new computer programming system to calculate means and standard tests automatically instead of doing them by hand, which would take much longer. I went to office hours to get a better understanding on the system and to receive help with downloading it on my computer.

I started to download it outside of the classroom but there were multiple steps I couldn’t figure out. There were many codes I had to put in and packages to download. My professor helped me put in the codes for the program and they took a while to download. We weren’t sure if it was going to download on my computer because R commander was made for Hp laptops and I have a mac, although sometimes it downloads on macs but not very many. Luckily mine downloaded.

When R commander downloaded on my computer we checked to make sure it was running properly and put in some numbers so we could calculate the means, everything worked. Going to see my professor in office hours helped me prepare for a lot of my quizzes because most of them are on R commander so being able to practice it in my dorm  on my own computer will help me achieve higher grades.

#3- Book and keep an appointment with a SASC tutor

Statistics is of of my harder classes this semester. Math has never been my strongest class so I always try to receive help when I can. I have gone to see a SASC tutor many times to prepare for an upcoming quiz, for help with homework or just on a subject that doesn’t make sense to me.

The tutor and I went over many topics I was confused on or needed clarification on before my quiz.  We drew bell curves and had to calculate Z scores and many other things that were involved in the concept we were studying. She explained things to me more in depth than I could get from the video lectures we are assigned to watch before every class and gave me tips on calculating problems and finding the answer in an easier way.

Going to SASC for this class helped me get higher quiz grades and homework grades. I plan to go to SASC more for my other classes as well as this one. I would recommend other students in the same classes as me or in different classes to book an appointment with a SASC tutor because having someone help them could make a big impact on their grades, whether if it’s one point it could make the different of passing or failing.

#4 – Interview a fellow successful student

My friend Kaitlyn is the most successful student I know at the university. She gets good grades and is always prepared. During the interview she told me some of the major things she does to be successful such as going to SASC, getting homework done early, and her study techniques.

Kaitlyn tries to go to SASC three times a week for her harder classes like Biology and Statistics and any other class she needs help in depending on the week. When she goes to meet with a tutor she already has questions prepared to ask them so she won’t forget what she wanted to ask. She also uses SASC for help with her homework or learnsmart quizzes.

Kaitlyn arranged her schedule so she could have Fridays off. When she wakes up she gets ready for the day. The first thing she does is go to the commons and gets all her homework done for the next week so she doesn’t have to worry about it over the weekend, it also helps her do her homework more accurately because she remembers how to do it from the class before.

When she has an upcoming test to study for she uses all her resources. She makes note cards and meets with a study group that consist of her classmates. Her and her classmates will meet in the commons and go over the hardest topics in more depth than the easier ones. When she studies alone she will usually reread the textbooks chapters and do practice problems to prepare.

Doing all these things helps her achieve high test scored and raise her GPA. I will start to do more of what she has been doing so I can raise my test grades and feel less stressed from all the school work I have

#5- How J.D. Martinez Became a Red Sox Superstar

This article about Martinez relates in some ways to English 122.  Martinez wasn’t always the amazing baseball player he is today, he had to practice hundreds and thousands of times for his muscle memory to hit the ball perfectly every time and lose bad habits through tutoring.

Once Martinez got cut from the Astro’s he decided he needed to do something to fix his swing. He watched vidoes of other baseball players hitting a ball and discovered his looked nothing like theirs. He went to Craig Wallenbrock and Robert Van Scoyoc who coached baseball players. With their help he became a star on the Red Sox team.

This article relates to English 122 mainly through coaching. Martinez’s OPS started to drop below .700. He needed a coach like the students in English 122. Some of us don’t all feel confident with some of the work we’re doing. From coaching with SASC we are all getting better at writing and analyzing which we wouldn’t have been able to do on our own.

Martinez was determined to improve his batting skill for himself, but also to the team who cut him to show them what he was capable of. English 122 is the preparatory class for English 110 like the coaching was for Martinez.