Essay 4 Prewriting-1


Bullet 1:

The vision scholars and academics have pinned on hawaii’s high-rate of intermarriage is that there will never be a pure Hawaiian race anymore. No one will be able to say they are 100% Hawaiian and as the intermarriage rate continues to increase it will become rarer and rarer for people to be 100% of a certain race. They have based this on the fact that these marriages are becoming more common and more children are being born between two races. Olson’s view that their vision of a racially-mixed future is very accurate because of the marriage and birth facts.

Bullet 2:

The two central beliefs of ethnic thinking are people have to look a certain way and be from a certain country. People can be taken from multiple countries and asked to wear the same clothes, like the example in the article, but no one will be able to say where each person is from based on their facial features. People can look completely different but have the same cultural and racial background. Race, biology and culture have no effect on who someone is and that’s why people stereotype.