In Korver’s article “Privileged”  he had a strong tie with his teammate, Thabo, the one that broke his leg. To Korver, Thabo was someone who he could talk to regarding anything on his mind unrelated to basketball. They created a bond on the team which they had with no one else. When he first heard about Thabo’s arrest the only things that he thought were what was he doing wrong? To Doug Mcadam, a sociologist, he might view Korver’s reaction as jealousy or blame on himself. Korver is working to learn more about race and its effects in America’s society and how he can improve ourselves and  wants to shed his image of just being the guy that looks like the racist white men. His strong ties between his teammates will help educate everyone and hold people responsible for their actions. His weak ties between his own race can do the same.

Essay 4 Prewriting-4

  • What are the key beliefs in the Deep Story of the Right/Personal Protectionism?

They key beliefs in the Deep Story is that Trump is solving the problems of white males. They say Trump is trying to shame every group that cuts the line which includes: women, black people, disabled people, immigrants, and refugees. Trump is believed to be taking away benefits such as food stamps away from people who need them because they have many kids and can’t afford to feed them all with the job they have. Apparently, they think conservatives are fine with it. They other thing that strikes the liberals is that Trump wants to disclude undocumented Mexicans and Muslim and Syrian refugees. He is said to have “created a movement much like the anti-immigrant but pro-welfare-state right-wing populism on the ride in Europe” (25). These are the key beliefs that people think Trump is intentionally or not  doing in the Deep Story of the right/Personal Protectionism.

  • How do economics shape the feelings and thinking of the people Hochschild profiles, especially their feelings and thinking about race, immigration, welfare, and other political issues?

Economics have a big impact on how people are surviving. With one of the families Sharon met, she asked their son what he planned on doing in the future and his response was “I’m just going to get a [disability] check like my mama,” (8). This is an example of how economics is shaping people’s feelings about welfare and that it is now starting to affect the younger generations. “The media tries to make the tea party look like bigots, homophobic; it’s not” (17). Many people feel detached from one another because of their economic status. Liberals tend to see trump supports as mainly rich white men, who some feel Trump is only trying to benefit with his policies. However, when people see things certain ways this creates anger and frustration. The two political groups start to hate one another more for reasons like economic status.

  • Do you recognize any elements of the “Deep Story of Personal Protectionism” in the Whiteness Project videos we’ve been analyzing? If so, describe and explain at least two of them, being sure to indicate who is saying what and how prevalent each element is in our spreadsheet. Are there any other “Deep Stories” at play in the Whiteness Project videos? If so, what would you call them?

I somewhat see a connection between the “Deep Story of Personal Protectionism” in the Whiteness Project videos I watched. Nathan, a 17 year old started to communicate his feelings on camera about black people. He believes they they are disruptive and something about they irritate him.  On page 24 of the article there’s the quote, “In this feint, Trump solves a white male problem of pride.” Even though this quote pertains to receiving government benefits, I think it fits Nathan’s case. He is full of pride that he may or may not realize he is inflicting pain on the people he is discussing. Alfredo, a white male who identifies himself culturally as hispanic, may be suffering the effects of how some Trump supporters feel about him or maybe even liberals. He feels that he has more freedom to be himself as a white person than he does being hispanic, so he uses that to his advantage. He is able to protect his identity by doing this which is also part of what the deep story is about.

Essay 4 Prewriting-3

In Biewen’s “The Invention of Race” the three most important topics that struck me were about the three human races, the greeks and the founding fathers. He explains that even though together as one we are all the genetically. Humans have a 99.9% match. However, he talks about three classifications of humans. The first being caucasoid, which he calls the dominant race, and the second being mongoloid. The final one being negloid. They are placed in order of superiority. He beings to lead into the topic using the superiority term.  Although they saw no race, they believed their culture was superior to others. The final most important thing that got my attention was the phrase he said is that the founding fathers built the United States on white dominance. Because race has had such a strong history in the states race has become an identity instead of a trait. After listening to this it has brought many different perspectives to my attention on how race effects certain people and what can be done to help end racism

Essay 4 Prewriting-2


Bullet 1:

Hawaii’s intermarriage and neighborhood integration has resulted in “ethnic and racial harmony” for many reasons. Now that non-natives have moved to Hawaii and are marrying in the community and later having children they are creating a mixed race of many different DNA which is expanding the ethnicity of the state. Olson wonders if the rest of the country will following this trend due to the statistics in the late 90’s and early 00’s. “When everyone is marrying everyone else, when the ethnic affiliation of most people can no longer be ascertained at a glance, one imagines that ethnic and racial tensions would diminish” (252). I guess from someone’s perspective it can be see as harmony, however this does not create harmony above everyone. However because this is happening, racism, as I perceived in the text, is disappearing in Hawaii. I think when Olson explains the amount of interracial marriages happening it is showing this decline.

Bullet 2:

It’s difficult to accurately know who is Native Hawaiian because of DNA changes over periods of time. People marry other races and eventually chromosomes are manipulated and DNA is changed. No one can say they are 100% Native Hawaiian because of family generations changing. It matters because people want to be able to understand the history of Native Hawaiians. It matters in everyday life because people need to understand who they are. On many government documents you must be able to identify who you are and if you are unsure of your own DNA it becomes difficult. It is also important to know about one’s identify because knowing your family history is what shapes all of us.

Essay 4 Prewriting-1


Bullet 1:

The vision scholars and academics have pinned on hawaii’s high-rate of intermarriage is that there will never be a pure Hawaiian race anymore. No one will be able to say they are 100% Hawaiian and as the intermarriage rate continues to increase it will become rarer and rarer for people to be 100% of a certain race. They have based this on the fact that these marriages are becoming more common and more children are being born between two races. Olson’s view that their vision of a racially-mixed future is very accurate because of the marriage and birth facts.

Bullet 2:

The two central beliefs of ethnic thinking are people have to look a certain way and be from a certain country. People can be taken from multiple countries and asked to wear the same clothes, like the example in the article, but no one will be able to say where each person is from based on their facial features. People can look completely different but have the same cultural and racial background. Race, biology and culture have no effect on who someone is and that’s why people stereotype.

In class questions

Throughout this class we have talked about how race affects people in their everyday life. Race is a real thing to everyone, it’s their identity whether they want it to be or not, people are seen based on the characteristics they acquire. Unfortunately, I don’t believe their will ever be an end to racism. Someone will always believe they are better than other people, but not only about race.

However, race is something that people are acceptiving over now, as opposed to 100 years ago. Maybe once another 100 years have past things will change in the world and race won’t be an important subject matter, and not even talked about.  If racism were to end everyone will need to be more accepting of one another and not degrade someone based on characteristics and qualities that can’t change.

Essay 4 plans

In order to raise my performance on paper 4, the learning outcomes I will need to focus on most are integrating my own ideas with the words of others, writing process and reading process. To improve my reading process I will post quotations and new vocabulary in my quote file on time and everytime and include quotes that are longer and more in depth than the ones I have been posting. To improve my writing process I will complete all of the pre-writing assignments more efficiently and on time. I will also finish each draft when it is assigned and complete it more in advance than I have been. To improve my words with others, I will need to think of more concrete ideas and think of more effective ways to connect my words to what the writer is explaining in the text. To do this I will include more evidence in the text that supports those ideas, also I will bring in more/better perspectives that shift the focus to a new idea.


Essay 3 Prewriting-4

From Mike Rose’s experience in Vocational school he learned man life lessons from his friend, the community, the teachers and the lessons they taught. His friends were all able to react differently to certain situations and they all had their own personality that let them adapt to life in Baltimore. Ken Harvey, his friend, was the one who quoted “I just wanna be average” (28).  Rose and his friends were placed into a school with people of all different backgrounds, families and intelligence. The school would places the “elites”into the higher level classes and proiritze them and for the rest of the student body, they were lucky to be taking the classes they needed. However, Ted, was not drowned by the school. He was able to life life unworried when there are issues going on but he was able to cope with them when Ken and many others couldn’t. And I think the most important lesson he learned from them is that life will throw many curve balls at your bat but how you handle them is what matters most, not if you’re enrolled in physics or not. Looking through the lens of Coates, if Ken Harvey were black Rose would say that Ken Harvey wanted to be white when he says he just wants to be average, because in Coates’s article he speaks of black people wanting the life of white people and to be white was to be average.

Essay 3 Prewriting-3

Bullet 1:

The neighborhoods of Los Angeles and Manhattan’s in the lives of Coates and Rose’s experience closely compare. Both of their childhoods revolved around avoiding violence on the street. Gang violence, prostitution, and murder. They had to memorize what routes to take and which streets to avoid to stay safe. Once they each had kids, their goal was to make their kids life better than theirs was. Rose’s moved his family to Los Angeles, California in high hopes that his son will have a better life and can make something for himself. Instead their life encountered bankruptcy and poverty. Each family lived in poor housing on dangerous sides of the city with many different ethnic groups, in coates’s situation there were many african americans and in Rose’s city the population consisted of Italian citizens, however there were many other ethnic groups that surrounded each city. One big connection between the two articles is the idea of the american dream. Each article has a thought about how they imagine their life should be. Coates uses the comparison of memorial day cookout and strawberry shortcake and Rose’s uses cinderella as a comparison. He thinks that his life will be like Cinderella’s night at the ball when it’s the opposite of what his life actually is.

Bullet 3:

I interpreted the quote, “developed a picture of human existence that rendered it short and brutish or sad and aimless or long and quiet…. When, years later, I was introduced to humanistic psychologists…, with their visions of self actualization…., it all sounded like a glorious fairy tale, a magical account of a world full of possibility, full of hope and empowerment. Sinbad and Cinderella couldn’t have been more fanciful” (p. 18)  as a way that Rose’s wants his life to be. His life has been revolving around violence and drugs because of the amount of money he had and where he lives. When he moved his family to Los Angeles he expected his life to be like cinderalla at the ball when really it was her life before cleaning floors, poor, and trying i live off the little rations he had. This quote explains that because it shows that h4 pected one thing but he got the other. He uses the word fanciful to show the dream that he was having thinking his life could or would be more than what he has.