Artifact #2

The Nor’easter News club meets every Friday at 12:15 pm in the campus center in the arts and media council room. The mission of the club is to inform students on multiple different topics, and to have their voices be heard across campuses in Biddeford and Portland. The contacts of the club are one of the two presidents. This club is interesting to me because I love to discover what issues and events students are talking about on and off campus and what students are doing. To be involved in the club you must contact one of the two presidents and write at least two articles per semester and attending most of the meetings.

This club has been around since the early 2000’s but the exact year is not known, they know dates back to as early as 2007. Lauren got involved in this club because she loves to write and wanted to write movie reviews, the club members now write about what they feel is important on campus. Lauren’s involvement in the club has given her many connections across campus and a sense of purpose. She wrote an article that blew up that talked about about not being able to take food to go from the dining hall to class or back to their room, the next year the dining hall started giving out green bins to allow students to take food to go, all because of her article.

I believe being involved in this club will help enrich my college experience in many ways. Like Lauren, it will give me many connections across campus that I would never have if i wasn’t involved and it will also give me a sense of involvement in my UNE community and with other students. I will discover what issues people are discussing on campus or talk about my own ideas on campus that I believe could be solved or approached a different way and be able to write about them. I love to hear about what people are talking about so being able to write about things that are important would benefit my knowledge and my writing skills.

Joining this club will benefit my life after UNE because I will have learned a lot about my community and the people around me. It may give me connections after college when I go into my profession and could help advance my career. Also, I will have gained more knowledge about certain topics that people find important and informative. Being able to learn these thing will help me be an informed citizen and be more involved with the world around me.