Informal essay 2

Throughout this unit we have been discussing the topic of race and it’s existence and its connect to the deep story. The  blackness project videos, whiteness project videos and Hochschild’s article give us insight on how to answer what they are.

In the blackness project videos, the deep story is about their unfair treatment of races.  Barbara said, “Race is a social construct, there is no such thing as race. We are all one race. And the ways we have been identified and separated over the years has been a way of further separating us, further creating boundaries; artificial boundaries that define one as black and define one as white. Race really has been a construct that has been manufactured and we don’t talk about that” because these boundaries have been built around the races it creates more hatred and gives race a reason to continue existing.

Narvell experienced racism in the parking lot of a gas station. The lady acting out at him repeatedly called him a nigger and was unnecessary racist. His reaction wasn’t hate but more frustration. We are now in a generation where racism is starting to disappear and when he had an encounter with a racist person her children were listening and will teach them this kind of behavior is acceptable. If this kind of behavior continues then future generations will continue to act this way.

When they watched the whiteness project videos, they believed they were ignorant. Because they’re not black they don’t experience the events they suffer through everyday of their lives. In order for there to be an end to racism, people must not be oblivious to the actions occurring in this country. Ending racism is a hard topic to discuss because there  are only so many things we can do to stop it. There will always be racist people in the world, but they might not express it. If one person realizes the effects it has on minorities, then a cycle will start to being. It all starts when people who are racist realize what they’re doing.

Black people don’t only experience racism from peers and acquaintances but they experience it from the law, which is why the civil rights act was created, which Yoshino explains in his article. When authority figure are present, many times when they are pulled over they fear for their life and end up dead for no reason. Their other experiences may be in court or any other setting that gives a white person an unfair advantage for no other reason other than the fact that they are white. Because racism is such an important topic in the world, many people of different races were interview on the topic.

The deep story in Hochschild’s article is somewhat different that the blackness videos idea of it. In her article she said that the deep story reflected pain. Someone could do everything in their power to do something correctly but still not get their desired outcome. The deep story is more related to the government in this article and not about the treatment of minorities. Hochschild explains that we are seated on a “ill-intentioned” government. What she means by this is the government isn’t concerned about it’s citizens but instead it’s self absorbed.

Many of the Trump supporters Hochschild interviewed grew up poor and ended up being able to make a living for themselves and earn over $70,000 a year. Although the hate isn’t the same they still experience some for being a supporter. “The media tries to make the tea party look like bigots, homophobic: it’s not. They resented all labels “the liberals” had for them, especially “backward” or “ignorant southerners” or, worse, “rednecks.” This article shows that everyone is given labels they don’t like.

If there is going to be an end of racism there needs to be an end of political hate, because I believe that is the root of the problem. Many people are assumed racist because of their views when they’re not. If both parties come together they can stop it.

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